My Mission

My mission is to help my community become more pro-active about growing their own food. Everyone in the Bay Area is busy; whether they're spending long hours (and oftentimes, long weekends) at work or they're at home, taking care of the kids, it isn't always easy to find time to get that hour of exercise in, or make weekly healthy meal plans that are easy to stick to. 

We all try to do our part as consumers to buy local, seasonal, sustainably grown food directly from local farmers. But part of living here is knowing that time isn't always on your side, and what is 'best' is certainly not always 'easiest' or 'most convienient'. 

Local food is about health and sustainability.  While I strongly support our local farms, I also want to help my community get back to the basics. I want to use the skills I've learned from working on a farm in Central California to do what I love- to help my community help themselves by growing delicious, organic food, right in their own yard, because what is easier or more sustainable than that?