Here are some testimonials from current clients:


"Kaylee made the whole process so fun and easy. I kill all plants, and she never made me feel stupid or incapable of having a garden. We cannot wait to eat the delicious veggies that are now thriving in our yard."


"Almost every year, I trudge to my local hardware store and buy myself mini plants- tomatoes usually, maybe some basil and cilantro. And every year- they shrivel without a chance for me to make tomato salsa. I tried to research what to plant and when to plant it and if it needed to face north or east or have shade or sun- but I just got overwhelmed, not to mention busy! Enter Kaylee. She came to my house and saw the space we have available to garden, asked me my goals and what I wanted to grow. Then she made a plan, purchased the seeds and started seedlings. She communicated frequently with progress on our plants and checked in on how plants she has transplanted we'e growing. When I thought my beets were following the same terrible fate of my usual garden experiments- she helped me save them! Growing food is so empowering and Kaylee is behind the empowerment. Kaylee is also helping me reach a personal goal to reduce my carbon footprint - can't get more local than my backyard. Thanks Kaylee!"



"My children and I have enjoyed working with Kaylee for our summer garden this year.. She was incredibly generous with her time, and sweet with my four year old who wanted to "help her" through the planting process. Kaylee is incredibly passionate and this comes across in her work." -Gillian B